Commercial/Residential Painting

The service that started it all, our expertise in painting your home or business are guaranteed to be unmatched and tailored to your needs. How do we do it? We begin by offering a color consultation by asking questions such as

  • What type of style is your house, or do you want it to be? Traditional, contemporary, modern, farmhouse?

  • What is your overall preference for paint - warm, cool, other?

  • How will the area to be painted tie in to the rest of your home?

  • Do you have a focal point for the room that you want to complement?

  • Do you want to stay on trend? Would you prefer your home to look timeless, or to match up to a specific style?

After we know exactly how you want your house to look, we get right to work making your vision become a reality.

Other Painting services

In addition to painting the interior of your house, we also offer a multitude of other painting services including furniture painting, exterior home painting, radiator painting, faux finishing, and more.


Power/Pressure Washing

Dirt, mold, mildew and other elements can settle into the surfaces around your property and have them looking discolored or dull which can greatly diminish the beauty of your property over time. The good news is that in most cases power washing these areas can eliminate most, if not all, of the grit and grime while keeping your paint job looking fresh and prevent rot.

Lead Paint Removal

Let's start with the facts. Lead-based paint was used in more than 38 million homes in the United States. Lead paint was banned from residential use in the United States in 1978. Lead can affect children's brains and developing nervous systems and it is also harmful to adults. Anything that disturbs surfaces that were painted with lead paint can create dust and endanger you and your family, especially young children and pregnant women. If you have a home that was built before 1978 we highly recommend that you don't take any unnecessary chances and get your home checked for the presence of lead paint. This is especially true if you have a home built before 1940, as more than 85% of homes built in that era were painted with lead-based paint. If the surfaces are not in good shape or if you have children in the house, or just want to eliminate the worry, abatement, often including full lead paint removal will be your best option. Good Deeds Painting & Renovating Company has handled lead paint removal for many homeowners and will help you choose the option that will serve you best. 

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is now a popular way for homeowners to give a fresh look to their kitchens. However, it is very important that the proper care, preparation and planning is done before undertaking a cabinet refinishing project. Much attention needs to be given to the materials the cabinets are made from and the proper products that can be used to refinish them. There are also many steps to the process, if you want to be sure the cabinets come out looking great and the finish will last a long time. When you call on us to refinish your cabinets, we'll start by asking you exactly what you'd like us to do. Then we'll evaluate your cabinets to determine what finishes are going to give you the best results.

Tub Reglazing

Sometimes, it’s not best to throw out everything but the kitchen sink. In fact, at Good Deeds Painting & Renovating we believe that reglazing your old tub can bring new life to your bathroom while saving you the cost/hassle that comes with replacing it. Contact us to and you will see just how much money we can save you while providing the highest quality possible.