Commercial/Residential Painting In Rhode Island

Good Deeds Painting and Renovating is the area’s leader in high-end painting services, and with years of experience painting your Rhode Island home or business, we know just what it takes to exceed all of your expectations. Good Deeds Painting and Renovating will work with you one on one to fully understand your project needs. 

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss the style of your home, your color preferences, how you want your space to work with the other areas of your home, and more. We don’t stop at color choice - there’s so much more that goes into painting your home than simply selecting a color. 

The layout of your home, your decor, your personal preferences and style, and even your future resale value goals can all impact what color you choose and the overall direction of the project. We don’t even think about picking up our paint rollers until we fully understand your home, your style, and your project goals.

We’ll work directly with you to create a custom design and painting plan that exceeds your expectations. When you partner with Good Deeds Painting and Renovating, your dreams become reality.

Other Painting services

Not only are we Providence’s leading painting and renovating company, but we also offer a wide range of additional services to meet your home or business needs, including power washing, lead paint removal, refinishing services, and so much more.


Power/Pressure Washing

Why invest in an expensive power washer only to use it once a year? When your home or business exterior is impacted by dirt, mold, and mildew, it’s time to take action. Dirt and grime build-up can lead to discoloration, which can severely impact the overall appeal of your home. With Good Deeds Painting and Renovating power washing and pressure washing services, we’ll blast away dirt, mildew, and dust. We’ll have your home’s exterior looking brand new with our high-end pressure washers without impacting the paint or decorative finishes. 

For more information on our power washing and pressure washing services, contact the team at Good Deeds Painting and Renovating today.

Tub Reglazing

Good Deeds Painting and Renovating can rejuvenate your tub and make it look better than ever. Don’t waste your money on a brand new tub when you can save money and make your existing tub look as good as new. A simple reglaze can cover up scuffs, stains, and other imperfections that are impacting the look of your home’s bathroom. 

Give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves by contacting the team at Good Deeds Painting and renovating today.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint is extremely unsafe, but the fact is that it has been used on almost 40 million homes in the United States. After being banned from residential use in the United States in 1978, safer paint alternatives were introduced. While lead paint isn’t used in homes any longer, there are still plenty of older homes that have lead-based paint both inside and outside, which can lead to serious health concerns if not removed. 

Both children and adults can be harmed by prolonged lead paint exposure. Even if the lead paint is covered up with non-lead paints, your health may be at risk. If the surface of the wall is damaged or you’re completing a large renovation project, that lead paint can be released into the air as dust. Breathing in lead-based paints can have devastating effects on young children and women who are pregnant, so if you have a home that was built prior to 1978, we always recommend a thorough lead paint inspection prior to making any major changes to your home. 

At Good Deeds Painting and Renovating, we not only inspect your entire home for the presence of lead paint, but we are also the area’s leaders in lead paint removal services. Even if you’re not considering completing any major renovation work, it’s always a good idea to work with us on a lead paint inspection. Our inexpensive lead paint inspection and removal services go a long way in terms of peace of mind for you and your family. 

To start your home inspection and lead paint removal services, get in touch with the team at Good Deeds Painting and Renovating today.

Cabinet Refinishing

Custom cabinets can be extremely expensive, but why pay more when you can get the same great results with a cabinet refinishing service from Good Deeds Painting and Renovating? A thorough refinish can bring new life to your kitchen and your home. Instead of doing an at-home project that can very easily go awry, trust the experts at Good Deeds Painting and Renovating to overhaul your existing kitchen cabinets. 

We carefully prepare and plan your project to ensure the highest quality finish possible. Our team will fully prepare your cabinets by removing the existing paint if necessary, treating the surface and removing any imperfections, sanding if necessary, and refinishing with a high-end stain or paint of your choosing. 

There’s a lot that goes into correctly refinishing cabinets, and if you want your cabinets to turn out flawlessly, partner with a team that has years of experience refinishing cabinets. As with all of our services, we will work with you one on one during our initial design consultation to understand your style, your wants, and your goals for the project. We’ll assess your current cabinets and create a step by step plan for your cabinet refinishing project.